Academic Staff
Professor David Armstrong BSc (Econ), MSc (Econ), PhD, FRHistS
Director of Research

Professor Armstrong is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and has held the Departmental Research Director position at Birmingham University, Exeter and Durham. Professor Armstrong is currently at the University of Buckingham and has committed the Huawen Institute to examine aspects of the interaction between China and Globalisation.

Andy GoldingFellow of the Royal Photographic Society
Director of Global Media Development

Andrew has profound understanding of media under the globalising environment. He has set up a number of collaborations in China and used to be a visiting Professor at the Nanjing Normal University and the Summit College of Art, Nanjing. He contributes to the Royal Photographic Society Journal, to Langford’s Advanced Photography and is writing chapters on Photographic History and Teaching and Learning for a forthcoming publication.


Huawen has a world-class team of professors with a reputation for academic excellence, supported by an enthusiastic and talented team of teaching staff. They are committed to both teaching and research.