MA Management Creativity Innovation-Core Modules

The MA Management, Creativity & Innovation consists of 6 full modules with dissertation. Students undertake modules to the value of 180 credits. The programme consists of core modules (120 credits in total) and Dissertation (60 credits).

People, Culture and Globalization (20 Credits)

This module will look at the management of talent within an organization and the impact of globalization on human resources and cross cultural issues in modern business. The module invites students to consider the challenges of contemporary issues in modern organizations with a global perspective, drawing focus to a comprehensive comparative yet student-led analysis of globalization considerations in cross cultural business.

Principles of Marketing (30 credits)

Understanding and skills relating to the fundamental concepts and principles that underpin the marketing process. to understand the purchase decision-making process and how marketing research techniques are used to contribute to the development of marketing plans.

Operations, Accounting and Finance (20 Credits)

This module provides a framing of structures and processes involved in business operations at a strategic level of operations management, accounting and international finance. The focus of this module is on the financial and operational challenges associated with the globalized business environment and the impact of international financial structures and events on strategic business operations.

Marketing, Strategy and Innovation (20 Credits)

This module aims to provide a pathway for students to capitalize on their skill sets in innovative applications of key marketing and branding strategies, as well as the exploration of business strategy development and managing innovation – increasingly necessary skills in the competitive industry of global management.

Enterprise and Creativity (20 Credits)

This module provides a framing of structures and processes involved in business and team development within industry. Areas covered will include client liaison, the creative brief, understanding new markets and emerging technologies, project development, management and intellectual property.

Entrepreneurship (20 Credits)

This module aims to provide a pathway for students to capitalize on their skill sets in a variety of industries, with the practical exploration and application of key business and entrepreneurial skills such as networking, negotiation, business planning, funding, presentation, risk assessment and general enterprising skills necessary in the challenging pathway of entrepreneurship.

Research Methods (20 Credits)

This module introduces the fundamental principles of research methodology and how these might be applied in the study of creative industries. Students are expected to establish an understanding of the differing purposes of research in the creative industries, be able to apply a range of research methodologies and techniques, and present the result of their research clearly and coherently.

MA Project (60 Credits)

This module will see the culmination of the research and response to a real project from a national or international private or public sector client. Students will explore the project, manage the client and work together in multi-disciplinary teams to design and create an appropriate product or solution. Appropriate methodologies will be tested in relation to the project work and the applicable context of the work.

Teaching and Learning

The programme is delivered through a combination of lectures and class discussion based on case studies. Student performance is assessed through simulations, presentations, course work, essays, class participation, and examinations.

Academic Skills Development

ASD modules are non-credit bearing supplementary sessions that are built into all of our taught programmes. They are designed to help students develop the academic skills they need to successfully complete their studies, including referencing and assignments writing.

1-on-1 Tutorial

Students can book appointments to see their lecturers individually, discussing any study-related questions and problems they face. The lecturers will give the best support to help students realise their potential. Our lecturers strive to give their utmost support to our students in achieving their academic goals. We have open study support sessions daily from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, lecturers are available without prior appointment.

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