Huawen Review

The Huawen Review is a quarterly online journal, the first issue of which will appear in October 2014. Each issue will have six articles discussing different aspects of the interaction between China’s internal development and the various dynamics and processes involved in globalisation. While all articles will be assessed in accordance with the highest academic standards, the aim is to produce thought provoking pieces that will interest and be of value to a much wider range of people than the academic community. So most articles will be relatively short –around 4,000 words- and will focus on the key issues involved in specific aspects of the interaction between China and globalisation. There will also be occasional articles from leading figures in the political, economic, media and cultural worlds. The first issue will contain articles from leading specialists on the nature of globalisation, harmonisation and potential friction between China’s values and those embodied in globalisation, social networks in China and China’s place in global finance and trade. Future articles will unpick the many aspects of globalisation, with, as always, particular attention paid to their relationship to China’s internal and external development. These will look at China’s involvement in international organisations, including the UN and the World Trade Organisation, China’s relations with its neighbours, issues relating to how Chinese people identify themselves and distinguish between a “Chinese identity” and other identities, the relationship between the media and China’s foreign policy, the question of whether and in what ways a “Beijing Consensus”, deriving from the success of China’s state capitalism, poses a fundamental challenge to the “Washington Consensus” that has, hitherto, reigned supreme, the debate over “universal values” in China, China’s “soft power” instruments and the impact on China’s development of Chinese students returning from study abroad.